[VIDEO] How to Do a Book Launch – Jeff Walker & Mike Koeings Interview


This is a great interview with Jeff Walker, the Creator of Product Launch Formula, and Mike Koeings, the Founder of Traffic Geyser.

I started using Jeff Walker’s launch method back in 2008 and was fortunate to have started using his system very early. I was also part of Jeff’s Platnuim group several years ago. He is a great marketer, Dad, teacher and his method has helped generate over $500million in online sales. Mike Koeings is also a veteran internet marketer who produces great products and advice is golden.

Watch this video to learn more about Jeff Walker’s latest launch for his own book ‘Launch.’ I highly recommend the book if you want to launch products online or offline. You’ll hear about some of the inside stories behind some of the biggest launches on the internet.

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